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Introducing AEPSinteractive™, the new electronic management system for AEPS® designed to help early childhood professionals focus on children, not paperwork!
Thousands of programs serving children birth to 6 already rely on the curriculum-based assessment AEPS to help them detect delays in children's development and plan effective intervention programming.
Reporting made easier
Now, AEPSi eliminates much of the paperwork required for reporting progress and other child data. Here are just a few of the tasks AEPSi automates for you:
  • generates with one click OSEP Child Outcomes reports
  • scores the AEPS Test
  • tracks, displays, and records a child's progress over time
  • provides eligibility reports with a single click
  • creates customized IFSP/IEP summary reports
  • transfers results from new group assessments to each child's record
...and much, much more.
See for yourself how AEPSi streamlines your reporting so you can get back to the business of helping children! Try it out for your program.

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